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One more reason to dislike former Bronco Shannon Sharpe

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Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith combined for arguably the worst show in TV history on ESPN called First Take. Bayless, who gets paid millions (I know), recently left ESPN for a new show on FOX Sports 1, which I am told is a real channel.

Bayless now has a new debate partner for his FS1 show and it’s someone that you’ll probably dislike as much as Stephen A. Smith and that’s because that someone is a former Bronco.

Awful Announcing is reporting that former Bronco Shannon Sharpe will be Bayless’s partner for his new debate show at FS1.

It looks like Skip Bayless has found his next debate partner. There were reports last month that ex-NFL star Shannon Sharpe (who had previously debated Bayless as a guest host on ESPN’s First Take) was a “leading candidate” to join Bayless’ yet-to-be-named show at FS1, and an Awful Announcing source now says that “It’ll be Shannon Sharpe with Skip Bayless.” When asked for comment, a Fox spokesman said “No comment from us on this one at this time.”

If you didn’t like Shannon Sharpe before, there’s no way you’re going to like this show (as if you could actually find FS1 on your TV anyway).