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The next step for Kansas City Chiefs’ Eric Fisher

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Eric Fisher’s third season in the NFL was better than the rest. Fisher seemed to take a bigger jump from year to year three which helped the Kansas City Chiefs decide to pick up his fifth-year option (which has very little risk).

While Fisher was better, he was still at best an average tackle. Pro Football Focus ranked him the 36th best tackle last season.

Fisher had flashes of good games, such as when he demolished JJ Watt and provided trolling material for me for the rest of the year. PFF has a brief writeup on Fisher and says the next step for him is consistency.

The next step is to turn those single-game bright spots into consistent runs of strong performances and then ultimately into his baseline of play. Those are two big steps that are by no means easy to achieve, but they are necessary if he is to become the player he hopes to be.

I agree with their take on his next step - consistently good. Not Joe Thomas. But just good, which we saw more and more of last year. The Chiefs have him under contract next season but have also talked about the idea of an extension with his camp. This season will go a long way to the Chiefs determining their long-term strategy with them.