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Phillip Gaines ‘moved around great’ at Chiefs training camp

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Phillip Gaines has apparently been putting on some weight this offseason. Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Gaines was heavier and looked great coming off his torn ACL last year.

“I thought he moved around great,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “He took a lot of reps and it looks like he’s put on some weight and some strength. I was happy with what I saw today. He competed.”

For his part, Gaines said he had some rust to knock off.

This is good and important news for the Chiefs because as of today it looks like Gaines will be your starting corner opposite Marcus Peters. There will be a competition in camp but Gaines is the current leader for that spot.

Another good thing, in my eyes, is the improvement we can hopefully expect from Gaines. Go back to his rookie year and in this first minicamps he looked lost. I really didn’t expect anything out of him. Then he came on and saw some playing time near the end of the season and was playing well last season before tearing his ACL in Week 3. He’s still young so it’s reasonable to think he gets better. That would be a good thing.