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Chiefs raise parking prices again, kind of

The Kansas City Chiefs have raised game day parking to $40 which is up from $30 last season. There’s more to it though. This is an effort to move fans through the stadium faster, although I’m sure the Chiefs aren’t complaining about that extra $10 in parking revenue.

If you buy a prepaid parking pass, it is still $30. If you pay cash at the stadium, it’s $40.

The reason, the Chiefs say, is that their data shows that a prepaid parking pass moves through the tollgates twice as fast as cash parking. Everyone complains about how awful Chiefs parking has been in the past few years - except the Chiefs president, who once said for every parking complaint he gets, he gets 10 more calls saying thank you - so this seems to be an effort to remedy that.

There’s more in the Chiefs release about other changes, including tailgating space. This is parking so we will complain about it loudly for a few days and then forget about it until the morning of September 11 when we wake up hung over realizing we forgot to buy the prepaid $30 pass.

If you’re one of those folks who likes to let the market set the price, check out the price of Chiefs parking passes on Stubhub.

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