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Alex Smith likes coming to Chiefs training camp early

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The Kansas City Chiefs rookies, quarterbacks and some injured vets will hit the field for the first practice of training camp this morning. This is not the official full squad start to camp - that comes on Saturday. The rules allow these players to come early before the rest of the veterans.

“I love coming early with the rookies,” Alex Smith told reporters on Tuesday. “For us as quarterbacks, you just can’t simulate throwing 11 on 11 this last month. You can play catch and try to find guys here and there to throw with.”

Aaron Murray said he was finding people to throw with this offseason. I also saw him tweet looking for high school receivers to throw to one day.

“So for us to come out, even though you don’t have the bodies or the reps, you do get up to speed pretty quick,” Alex said. “It gives you the opportunity to shake any rust if it’s there. And then the vets come in and you hit the ground running. It’s not only good for us, but for the team as well. You get more out of it with the vets here.”

The practice is open to the media but not the public. I wouldn’t expect much of substance to come out of these practices outside of who was there and who was hurt (if anyone).