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Chiefs still don't know how long Justin Houston will be out

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We can officially rule Justin Houston out of Kansas City Chiefs training camp. After his February surgery on his ACL, Houston has been ruled out of participating in training camp this month.

"That one I can tell you," Reid told reporters at Tuesday’s camp arrival. "That’s not gonna happen."

We all figured he wouldn’t be ready for camp. Will he be ready for the season? I asked Andy Reid that question.

"That part I don’t know," Reid said, "but I’ll tell you he’s not gonna work here. He’ll be here (in St. Joe) but he won’t be able to do the football stuff. He’ll rehab and continue on with this rehab."

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting the expectation is that Houston will miss regular season games. The Chiefs have indicated that missing regular season games is a very real possibility if not a likelihood. The real question is how far into the season he’ll go before he plays. The Chiefs season could depend on it.

Watch Reid's comments here: