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The best (worst?) jokes from this roast of the Kansas City Chiefs

Users of reddit are roasting each team in the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs time is here. You can go to reddit to read the Chiefs roast. I pulled out a few of the best / worst comments and put them below. You’ll see a lot of Andy Reid weight jokes as well as some depressing Super Bowl jokes at the expense of the Chiefs.

Andy Reid had to make adjustments after moving on from Philadelphia. Once he was lost around Kansas City with a dead phone and stopped off at a gas station for directions. "How do I get back to 435?" he asked. The clerk replied, "well, diet and exercise is a start."

The last Chiefs Super Bowl was closer in time to the Great Depression than today.

From 1984-2013 the Chiefs won 2 games by a QB they drafted. The next closest team is Buffalo with 45.

Tim Tebow once beat the Chiefs despite going 2-8 passing.

The last QB the Chiefs drafted who actually won a game occurred before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I guarantee the chiefs will be the best team in Missouri next year.

This will blow up like Atwater on Okoye

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this roast so long you’d think somebody put Andy Reid in charge of getting it done on time.

The Seattle Seahawks are tied with the Chiefs in AFCCG appearances.

I set my DVR to record The Biggest Loser but it keeps recording Chiefs games.

Some of these jokes lately have been in poor taste but everything is on the menu for Andy.

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