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Chiefs’ Alex Smith says he’s never had an easy schedule

Alex Smith is making the media rounds. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback spoke to NFL Network nationally and KSHB locally. He had some good answers on KSHB so I transcribed a few of those below.

On the Chiefs schedule

“This is my 12th year and I’ve yet to have an easy schedule. This is the National Football League. There are no weeks off. You never know when you catch teams in their individual journey, when they’re healthy, when they’re playing good.”

As a fan, I can’t help but look at the schedule and predict how it will go but Alex is absolutely right here. Take JJ Watt for example. He just had surgery so the Chiefs could be facing the Texans without Watt. That’s a significant difference.

On Jamaal’s return and the Chiefs backs

“He’s one of the most unique players in the entire league. Excited to get him back. Excited for the entire offense. You saw with him down what Charcandrick (West) and Spencer (Ware) did and to have three guys back there that can carry the load and they all have different strengths. I think it will make us more dangerous.”

The Chiefs are going against the grain, for sure. Who else has three capable backs on their roster? I’m not even counting Knile Davis who is also an NFL quality back. How the Chiefs use West and Ware with Jamaal is one of the most intriguing parts of this season.

On everyone involved in the offense

“You have to be balanced and you have to give defenses to think about and a lot of things to cover and defend. That’s something we take a lot of pride in as an offense is being multiple. Not just run and pass but a lot of different guys touching the football, a lot of guys making play. Really, it’s unique, a selfless mentality that we’re gonna do it collectively, it doesn’t matter who’s gonna do it and you don’t know who’s turn it’s gonna be day by day but collectively we have to get it done.”

Selfless? Pride? Alex, this is the fantasy football era. Wins and losses no longer matter as long as Jamaal Charles gets 100 and a touchdown. Got it?

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