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Where does Eric Berry rank among the NFL’s best safeties?

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Interesting series going on over at where their analysts are voting on the best players at each position. The safety position is relevant to the Kansas City Chiefs after what went down with Eric Berry last week (or, more accurately, what didn’t go down with Berry).

Earl Thomas and Tyrann Mathieu earned more votes than any other safeties — by a long shot. They’re far ahead of everyone else. Berry doesn’t have the coverage skills that Thomas and Mathieu do so I completely agree with Berry being below them.

In third place - the bronze medal - Vikings safety Harrison Smith, who just signed a new deal this offseason, received 10 votes while Chiefs safety Eric Berry earned nine votes.

Berry was called a field general and they talked about his ability against the run and pass. And of course that whole beating cancer thing.

What the analysts don’t seem to take into account here is the leadership that Berry brings. I know some folks don’t pay much attention to intangibles but with Berry you have to.

Either way, top five safety, I’m down with that.