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Will Andy Reid be in a rap song called “Time’s yours”?

A rapper named Lil Dicky is trying to get Andy Reid on his new rap song that will be called, “Time’s yours.”

Yes, I just wrote that sentence and, yes, it is a true sentence.

Let’s get this story straight. Rapper Lil Dicky is from Philadelphia so he grew up with Andy Reid as his coach. Lil Dicky joined the Rich Eisen Show this week and they started talking about getting Andy Reid in a rap song.

Brilliantly, Eisen suggested it should be called, “Time’s yours”, which is a nod to what Andy Reid says to local reporters before taking questions.

SO ... they then called friend of the show and of Andy Reid, Steve Mariucci, and asked him to call Andy right then and ask him if he would be in a rap song with Lil Dicky called, “Time’s yours.”

So he called Andy and reported back. Here’s the exchange:

Eisen: Have you spoken with Andy Reid?

Mariucci: Yes, I have.

Eisen: What do you got?

Mariucci: OK, so I called him down there. He was right in the middle of something, he was like moving beds or something. I think he was carrying a king sized mattress up the stairs when I got him.

So he put it down and said, ‘What, what’s going on?’

I said, ‘Lil Dicky.’

And he said, “Lil Dicky from Philadelphia?’

(Laughs) He didn’t say that.

I said Rich Eisen is on right now, you know, Rich Eisen, the show you watch every day. Lil Richie wants you to do a rap video and Jim Harbaugh did one. That didn’t carry any weight because Andy’s not from Michigan, he’s from BYU.

He started laughing and said, ‘Hey I can rap’ and started joking around a little bit.

I said, ‘Yeah just go on right now and call them. I’ll give you the number.’

He goes, ‘Mooch, I’m right in the middle of something here with a bunch of guys’ and so he says, ‘I’ll have to do something a little later.’

I said, ‘You gonna rap?’

He says, “No, I’m not gonna rap.’ But he says he would love to go on with you some time when he’s not carrying beds up the stairs.

Eisen: Do you think he’ll do the video?

Mariucci: I don’t know if he’ll do it or not. You’ll have to ask him and beg him and get him in a weak moment. I don’t think he’s gonna do a rap video because those things live forever and Andy’s kind of a quiet guy. But he laughed though when I told him it would be called ‘Time’s yours’. That was all good stuff.

Eisen: He did not say no is what you’re saying?

Mariucci: He said yes to being on with you but he did not say yes to being on a rap video.

Eisen: But he did not say no.

Mariucci: Well, he kinda said no. It was kind of a soft no.

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