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Any team with Travis Kelce or Jeremy Maclin shouldn’t be ranked this l

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I like Pro Football Focus and read a lot of the stuff they do. I feel the need to say that because it feels like the only time we highlight them is when we think they’re wrong, like they are with their ranking of the NFL’s best group of receivers and tight ends.

The Chiefs weren’t destined to finish high on a ranking that includes receivers - the no touchdown 2014 season isn’t that far away - but PFF ranking them 28th is way too low.

I’m not being a homer, right? Ranking the Chiefs receivers and tight ends 28th is too low, right? Please tell me I’m not insane.

Even someone objective, like Adam Teicher, believes it’s too low. “They might not have much depth at those positions, but any team with Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce deserves to be higher than the bottom five.

The Chiefs lack the depth at receiver. Who is it behind Maclin? Will Chris Conley or Albert Wilson take the next step? Because in the grand scheme of things both those guys are unproven receivers. Rod Streater is an unknown as is Tyreek Hill. De’Anthony Thomas is a receiver, maybe?

Still, you got Maclin and Kelce. They are both very good at what they do and should propel the Chiefs higher in this ranking.

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