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Would the Chiefs spin the quarterback roulette wheel?

ESPN’s NFL coverage doesn’t come up with something that legitimately interests me very often but they have outdone themselves with this game of QB roulette.

The idea is that there is a roulette wheel kinda like this:

And each team has to decide: Do I stay with the quarterback I got? Or do I spin the wheel and hope for the best?

For each extremes, the answer is obvious. The Patriots or Seahawks, for example, aren’t spinning that wheel. They already have one of the best quarterback situations. The Browns or 49ers, however, will want to spin that wheel. They have a greater chance of improving that way.

The Chiefs? What a difficult question this is. I lean to not spinning the wheel. The Chiefs are serious playoff contenders right now with Alex Smith. There are not that many quarterbacks that can change the Chiefs fortunes. Sure, you might take Derek Carr or Tony Romo over Alex Smith but are they so much better that it significantly changes the Chiefs ceiling? That’s enough of a question for me that I wouldn’t want to risk spinning the wheel and potentially having to play Robert Griffin III or Blaine Gabbert.

So I say I’m not spinning the wheel. Are you?

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