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Chiefs’ Mitch Morse will need to keep the ball still

Every season NFL officials have points of emphasis. In recent years that has been some of the illegal hits, whether it’s going at the knees of the quarterback or hitting a defenseless receiver.

It sounds like Kansas City Chiefs center Mitch Morse will be involved in another point of emphasis. VP of officiating Dean Blandino said on PFT Live that the centers shuffling the ball before the snap will be watched closer this year.

“Some of the pre-snap movement that we see on the offensive line, the quick abrupt movement, movement of the football, that will be an emphasis point,” Blandino said on Pro Football Talk. “So if the offensive line gets set and then the center moves the football in a significant way or in an abrupt way, that will be a false start and the officials will be directed to shut down immediately.”

This actually does happen - not them being called for it but the centers moving the ball. I always kinda wondered why they were allowed to do that because sometimes they are indeed making abrupt movements.

So here’s your warning, Mitch. Keep that ball still.

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