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Cowboys draft board apparently leaked, Chiefs picks mentioned

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SB Nation’s Cowboys blog is Blogging The Boys and they are becoming very good at figuring out the Cowboys draft board. For the third time they have an incomplete listing of what was on the actual Cowboys draft board (well ... what was probably on the Cowboys draft board as they can’t say for sure).

Head on over to Blogging The Boys for the back story but I found two Chiefs mentioned on the Cowboys draft board.

The Cowboys had Chiefs third round pick CB KeiVarae Russell the 78th rated player while the Chiefs took him 74th. Not bad.

The Cowboys had Chiefs fourth round pick Parker Ehinger as the 93rd rated player in the draft. The Chiefs took him at No. 105. So far this is accurate because Ehinger might be starting Week 1.

The first round draft board is really interesting to look at now that we know who went where. Remember how much we talked about corners?