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Multiple reports say Eric Berry, Chiefs unlikely to reach deal; negotiation tactic?

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Multiple reports emerged stating that Eric Berry and the Kansas City Chiefs are not likely to come to an agreement on a long-term contract before Friday’s deadline, which means Berry must play the season out on the one-year, $10.8 million franchise tender (or another one-year deal).

It’s always tricky when you start negotiating in the media. Note here that it would appear that the same person told all these reporters the same information — same message all in 20 minutes.

I also note the timing of this. The report came out hours before Eric Berry hit the national stage for an inspirational speech to accept his award as the comeback athlete of the year at the ESPYS.

I choose to look at this in a different way than others. These strategic leaks tell me the negotiating is still going on. There is still a deal to be done here.

I couldn’t help notice during the presentation on Berry during the ESPYs that they showed Justin Houston working out with Berry during the time he was going through chemo. Houston took his negotiation last year right to the deadline, just a few hours before.

Maybe it’s the optimistic fan talking here but there’s still a deal to be done.