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A dumb study says the Chiefs are among the worst fanbases

Oh, Emory. Your stupid NFL fan study is out again. And again it finds the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase is near the bottom.

The study used a bunch of factors to rank each team’s fanbase. You can read more about it here. You won’t be surprised to find that the larger markets are mostly near the top and the smaller markets are mostly near the bottom.

The Chiefs will never be able to compete with the Patriots and Cowboys in social media following yet that’s one of the factors included.

The Steelers ranking is what shows how bad this study is. They’re 18th. 18th! The Steelers are one of the top fanbases in the league. Use the eye test and you can tell that the study got that wrong.

The same goes for the Chiefs, who have annually been known as one of the top fanbases. I can see not putting them in the top 10 ... but to rank the Chiefs fanbase 30th? It’s almost like they’re trolling us so that we link their site and ... well, dang it. They won.

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