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Chiefs get sued over 2013 Arrowhead parking lot death

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The Kansas City Chiefs are facing a lawsuit stemming from the tragic death of Kyle Van Winkle in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot more than two years ago.

Van Winkle left a December 1, 2013 Broncos-Chiefs game to return to his car but apparently got into the wrong car. The owner of the car found him passed out and called for help. A man, who later plead guilty, came over and in an argument punched Van Winkle, who later died.

Attorney Bill Carr said this to Fox 4:

“They’ve essentially created a multi-acre bar out there at Arrowhead Stadium parking lots with no security, no bouncers, no restrictions on what kind of alcohol they are serving, how much alcohol is being served, who is drinking the alcohol, because they don’t care because people are paying those prices to get into the parking lot,” Carr said.

The suit claims that the Chiefs didn’t provide proper security. “According to the lawsuit several more minutes went by until the crowd realized he wasn’t breathing, and he was dead by the time help arrived,” Fox 4 reported.