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Tim Duncan retired; here’s what the Chiefs were up to the year he debuted

Tim Duncan retired after 19 years. He was drafted in 1997. These are the Chiefs things that were happening when Tim Duncan was drafted:

The Elvis Grbac era had just started.

Rich Gannon went 5-1 replacing Elvis Grbac. Sigh...

The Chiefs season started on August 31. That’s more than a week earlier than it does now.

Greg Hill logged 33 more carries than Marcus Allen that season.

Marcus Allen had 11 rushing TDs. Greg Hill had zero.

Kevin Lockett was a Chief. His son, Tyler, now plays for the Seahawks.

Bad Moon Rison had nearly 1,100 yards.

Louie Aguiar and Pete Stoyanovich (For President) were the Chiefs special teamers.

Ted Popson had more catches (35) that season than some rookie named Tony Gonzalez (33).

Andre Reed caught a touchdown pass against the Chiefs, for whom he would serve as a coaching intern nearly 20 years later.

Five days before Duncan’s debut, the Chiefs beat the Rams, who had been in St. Louis for just three years.

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