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Watch this Jamaal Charles video and tell me he won’t ball out this year

Folks outside of Kansas City look at Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles and say, ‘He’s nearing 30 and coming off his second ACL tear. His career could be going downhill quickly.’

Then you ask folks who watch Jamaal every week and they say, “Nahhh, he’s gonna ball out this year.’

For the latter, we offer this evidence which Jamaal posted on his Instagram page:

Lateral moves #LightOnMyFeet

A video posted by Jamaal Charles (@djcharles25) on

Yeah, yeah, a quick video on Instagram doesn’t prove anything. I know. But I really do firmly believe that Jamaal is going to come back and be as good as he’s ever been. He has, in my non-expert opinion, at least two years of high level play remaining. Perhaps not coincidentally, that’s how long he’s under contract, too.

On that rehab grind with @exosfootball @team_exos #HardWorkPaysOff : @gavlik15

A photo posted by Jamaal Charles (@djcharles25) on

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