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Chiefs' Demetrius Harris is turning into a football player

Demetrius Harris was just a basketball player a few years ago. I didn't think twice about the Kansas City Chiefs signing him because I assumed he wouldn't make the roster.

Here we sit three years later and Harris, the former college basketball player, has turned into a pretty good tight end. So good that Chiefs QB Alex Smith felt the need to talk about his progress over the years.

"The crazy thing is that even with Dee when he was kind of that guy and hadn’t played football in a while, now just to watch him play, he’s so savvy, so good," Alex said via quotes from the Chiefs.

"Even down in his hands, and feet and all the little things. I’ve been really impressed with Dee this spring and just how far he’s come from a few years ago when he was trying to make the transition. He’s really done it.

"A lot of the time, the physical part of the game is what is challenging for those guys. They kind of get stereotyped for being finesse guys. Demetrius, I think one of his strengths is his physicality, being able to use his length and we ask him to do a lot of different stuff and he’s embraced that.”

Stereotyping him as a finesse player is such an accurate comment. You would think Harris is not a good blocker but he is! His transition has gone better than I thought it would three years ago.

The next step is becoming more of a consistent force in the passing game. He showed glimpses of that last season, particularly with this catch:

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