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Alex Smith does a good job explaining the Chiefs emphasis on 2-minute drill

We know the Kansas City Chiefs need work on the two-minute drill. They're probably not as bad as you think there because what we all remember was the slooooooow two-minute situation in the playoff loss to the Patriots. National TV, Andy Reid, a slow two-minute drill ... you can see how, "The Chiefs two-minute drill sucks" becomes a story line.

What exactly was wrong with the Chiefs two-minute drill last season? Alex Smith did a pretty good job breaking it all down.

“It’s kind of been a little bit of a point of emphasis," Alex said via quotes from the Chiefs. "I think after this season with Nags (Matt Nagy), Chilly (Brad Childress) and Coach (Andy) Reid kind of stepping in a little bit. I think they wanted to clean up some things.

"I think one of things towards the end of last season, our two-minute because we’ve been in this offense for a while kind of continued to grow. So, I think with that we kind of felt comfortable to grow – expanding that. All of a sudden, the package – menu so to speak – got really, really big. Then all of a sudden, you combine that with some injuries in the playoff game and you combine those two things together. There were some inefficiencies kind of showed – lack of communication error, breakdown and things like that.

"We’ve been in the system for so long that you kind of start stockpiling things on the menu so to speak and then you have four receivers and it got tough and those guys got gassed after the game. It was a long drive, so those guys put in a lot of effort.

"We’re really trying to scale that all back with some core principles and the language a little bit – just cleaning it up so to speak in ways that we can cut off a couple seconds here, a couple seconds there.”

That's a good explanation for how their two-minute sloppiness can happen. Something I wish someone explained earlier (maybe they did and I missed it).

The Chiefs have been in this offense for three-plus seasons now which is the longest stretch many of them have had the same coach and offense. The Chiefs haven't had that kind of consistency since Dick Vermeil.

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