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This De'Anthony Thomas Q&A doesn't get us any closer to finding out what happened last year

De'Anthony Thomas spoke to the Kansas City media for the first time in months on Wednesday but we're no closer to finding out what exactly happened at the end of last season when DAT was mysteriously absent after a concussion. The Chiefs said back then that DAT's absence was eventually no longer related to his concussion; DAT tweeted weeks after the season that he was still feeling effects of the concussion. So, I don't know and it doesn't seem anyone else does either.

Let's move to Wednesday when DAT told reporters that he never, ever thought about quitting football during that time.

“Never," DAT said via quotes from the Chiefs. "I’m going to say it again, I’m from south central Los Angeles. Either you were going to play football or you’re going to end up down the wrong path. I chose football. My motivation to get somewhere, to (be) successful. I ended up going to Oregon – that’s what pretty much changed my life. I made a name for myself there and now I’m coming to Kansas City and trying to do the same thing.”

The Q&A between DAT and reporters on Wednesday was a little odd. There was no specific explanation for what went down last season. I watched DAT's entire media session and read the transcript and, nope, I still don't know what happened. So ... yeah.

Catch video of most of DAT's comments at the Chiefs website. A partial transcript of the Q&A is below (thank you for transcribing, Chiefs PR).

This is all a little odd, right?

Q: What happened at the end of last year – the end of December?

DAT: “It’s a new year. I don’t even know what happened. We’re just focusing on this 2016 year and like I said just showing my ability that I can play in this league and compete at this level.”

Q: Was it the effects of the concussions?

DAT: “Not at all.”

Q: It wasn’t?

DAT: “It was just a time where, like I said, it’s a new year and I’m not really focused on what happened last year. It’s all about this 2016 year and how can I continue to stay healthy and just make plays and contribute to this offense and special teams.”

Q: People were worried what was going on with you – did you get a lot of people wondering how you were doing?

DAT: “You know, I’m in the spotlight all day, everyday. It’s all about just patience. Like I said, it’s a new year, new goals and I’m ready.”

Q: How would you categorize what happened to the end of December to when you reported for the offseason workout program? Was it more understanding with your concussion or was it a concussion?

DAT: “Like I said, I don’t want to go back to that time. It’s all about focusing on these OTAs and going out there, and competing and working hard.”

Q: Where are you health-wise now?

DAT: “I’m excellent.”

Q: Was there ever a time you thought you wouldn’t be back here? You would get traded or released?

DAT: “Like I said, I wasn’t really focused on that. I was focused on just getting back to OTAs and being ready to work.”

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