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Chiefs Rod Streater likes lining up in the slot with his 6'3 frame

When Andy Reid first came to Kansas City, a receiver by the name of Junior Hemingway was the Chiefs first slot receiver. That was kind of unique because Hemingway was 230 pounds -- pretty big for a slot receiver.

The Chiefs are potentially looking at something similar with Rod Streater, the 6'3 receiver who told the KC media this week that he likes lining up in the slot.

“Like I said before, lining up on the slot," Streater said (via quotes from the Chiefs) when asked how this offense fits him. "Going up against nickels, I feel like I can beat nickels. It’s a mismatch. I’m 6’3”, guys probably won’t think I can get open like I can. However, I can fight in and where coach wants to put me that’s where I’m going to make plays.”

Not all slot receivers are 5'8. Some of them can be much bigger. Another advantage I see is when it comes to blocking. We know the Chiefs love running those quick screens to Jeremy Maclin or another receiver so Streater and his 6'3 frame would be a benefit there, too.

Streater was productive in 2013 and 2012 but not since then for a couple of reasons (injuries, new coaching staff in Oakland). This is a big chance for him to prove something on his one-year contract.

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