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Chiefs have the 9th-ranked roster in the NFL, per Pro Football Focus

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Every offseason, Pro Football Focus ranks the rosters of all 32 NFL teams for ESPN, and this year the Kansas City Chiefs come in at No. 9 overall.

The New England Patriots sit atop this year's rankings, followed by the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers. No big surprises there. Scrolling down a bit further, however, and you find the Oakland Raiders at No. 7, and the first entry from the AFC West, a roster they called the most improved in the NFL.

As for the Chiefs, they have this to say:

The Chiefs are another team that has been heading in the right direction for a few seasons now, and they are really only held back by a questionable offensive line, despite the upgrade at right tackle with the free-agent acquisition of Schwartz. Alex Smith might never be an all-pro quarterback, but he can run an offense and win games if surrounded with enough help, and the Chiefs have been adding to his supporting cast each season. Charles, Travis Kelce and Jeremy Maclin provide three effective weapons, and if any young players take a step forward the offense will get even better.

Houston remains one of the league's best pass-rushers when healthy, and cornerback Marcus Peters showed ballhawking ability as a rookie (eight INTs). He will have a lot asked of him in his second season with no Sean Smith on the other side, but this defense has a lot of talent in place.

The Denver Broncos are listed at No. 11, while the San Diego Chargers have the lowest rated roster in the AFC West at No. 22.

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