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Chiefs’ Dontari Poe on Paxton Lynch: ‘He’s my boy but ... business is business’

NFL good guy Dontari Poe hosted a free football camp in Memphis last week through his new foundation, Poe Man’s Dream, which is a perfect name for a foundation.

The Commercial Appeal in Memphis covered Poe’s camp, which you can read about here. The article includes a reference to something I totally did not realize: new Broncos QB Paxton Lynch and Poe went to the same college, the University of Memphis.

Poe was asked about playing against fellow Memphis Tiger Paxton Lynch.

"It's cool," Poe said with a smile. "I mean, he's my boy, but at the same time he's going to have to understand that business is business."

I must’ve just had a brain fart during draft season because I don’t think I put it together that these two would be going against each other. Memphis isn’t exactly USC when it comes to producing NFL players but lately they’ve been a lot better.

Poe is right though: business is business, and Poe’s business is getting in the backfield.

(H/T Lanier63 in the FanShots)

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