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Broncos’ Chris Harris impressed himself against the Chiefs

I saw that Denver Broncos CB Chris Harris had a baby. Congrats to him. While on his Instagram page looking at that news, I came across a video he posted yesterday.

This is Chris Harris lining up on De’Anthony Thomas and making the tackle for a six-yard loss in the Chiefs-Broncos game in Denver last year (you know, the one where the Chiefs nearly retired Peyton Manning).

Harris includes the caption: “Coach said this guy dangerous in that open field”.

Coach said this guy dangerous in that open field .

A video posted by Chris Harris Jr (@chrisharrisjr) on

Is he ... is he bragging about a game where they were blasted on their own home field? The Chiefs were up 16-0 at this point in the game and on their way to making it 19-0. Three score lead in one half on the road! The one game that a Broncos player can’t talk trash on is that game. It’s the one game the Chiefs won in the Peyton Manning era. Any other game is fine! Not this one though.

That said, I’ll give it to Harris. He’s a damn good player that is a real pain for the Chiefs to face twice a year.

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