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Buddy Ryan brought good and bad memories to Chiefs


RIP to Buddy Ryan, one of the best defensive coaches in NFL history. The Kansas City Chiefs have a brief history with Ryan, who is the father of Rex and Rob.

Ryan was the defensive coordinator of the 1993 Houston Oilers.

That team should be familiar to you because they were the Chiefs last playoff win until Kansas City beat, coincidentally, Houston in the playoffs earlier this year.

Buddy Ryan and the Oilers initially got the best of the Chiefs by whipping the crap out of them in Week 2, 30-0. The box score from that game is not pretty.

Fast forward a few months. The Oilers are on an 11-game winning streak, which last year’s Chiefs know all about. Buddy Ryan’s defense, which ranked fourth that year, is facing the Chiefs top 10 offense.

Kansas City got the better of Houston that year. The box score from that game looks much better. So does Keith Cash throwing the ball at a Buddy Ryan poster.

My Chiefs memory only goes back so far but Ryan has a long history in the NFL.

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