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Chiefs could have another comeback player of the year candidate in 2016

The Kansas City Chiefs had one of the most inspiring stories of the 2015 NFL season when safety Eric Berry came back from cancer to not only play but play well and win the NFL’s comeback player of the year award.

Could the Chiefs have another comeback player of the year winner next season? Jamaal Charles seems like as good of a candidate as anyone. Consider:

He will be motivated. Charles was widely believed to be the Chiefs best player, and he is one of the most important, for sure. However, the 2015 season saw the Chiefs win, win and keep winning after Jamaal was hurt. He will be motivated to show everyone how important he really is.

He’s not THAT old. Jamaal has been in the league since 2008, which is forever ago in NFL years. Really, though, he’s just 29 years old. He won’t be turning 30 until December 27.

Not as much tread on the tires. Jamaal tore his ACL in Week 5 last year so it was pretty early. He’ll have plenty of time to come back. Also consider of Jamaal’s eight seasons, three of those he’s had fewer than 100 carries.

This award will probably go to someone like Tony Romo if he has a halfway decent year. Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell is a good candidate too. Jamaal should be among the top candidates to prove he’s not done yet.

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