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The last time the Chiefs and every other team finished in last place in the division

When was the last time the Kansas City Chiefs were in last place in the AFC West? The disastrous 2012 season where they won just two games. Since then, the Chifes have finished in second place in the AFC West in each year of the Andy Reid era.

A Reddit user went through and found the last time each team ended up in last place in their division. As you would expect, most of the last place finishes have come in the past 5-6 years because the league has so much parity.

Then there are the outliers. You could argue the Steelers, Seahawks and Patriots are the best-run franchises in the NFL right now. The Steelers haven’t finished in last place since 1988 (!!), the Seahawks since 1996 and the Patriots since 2000. (The Seahawks one really surprises me)

The Giants (2003), Packers (2005) and Ravens (2007) are up there too as the NFL’s best franchises and it’s been a while for them.

Check out the whole list below and let me know what stands out. The parentheses are the year prior to 2015 that they ended up in last place in the division.

Chicago Bears 2015 (2014)

Tennessee Titans 2015 (2014)

Cleveland Browns 2015 (2014)

Tampa Bay Bucs 2015 (2014)

Miami Dolphins 2015 (2007)

San Francisco 49ers 2015 (2005)

San Diego Chargers 2015 (2003)

Dallas Cowboys 2015 (2002)

New York Jets 2014

Washington 2014

Oakland Raiders 2014

St. Louis Rams 2014

Buffalo Bills 2013

Minnesota Vikings 2013

Houston Texans 2013

Philadelphia Eagles 2012

Detroit Lions 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars 2012

Kansas City Chiefs 2012

Arizona Cardinals 2012

Indianapolis Colts 2011

Cincinnati Bengals 2010

Carolina Panthers 2010

Denver Broncos 2010

New Orleans Saints 2008

Baltimore Ravens 2007

Atlanta Falcons 2007

Green Bay Packers 2005

New York Giants 2003

New England Patriots 2000

Seattle Seahawks 1996

Pittsburgh Steelers 1988

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