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Four tight ends an option for the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs are strong at a number of positions where they could keep more than the usual amount of players for that position. For example, they have four quarterbacks they like even though teams usually keep just three. Many teams keep six receivers but I can count at least seven receivers that I want to see more of.

The same goes for tight end. Before the last round of OTAs, I figured there were four tight ends competing for three spots. Now after reading some offseason reports, I wonder if all five Chiefs tight ends have a legit shot at making the 53-man roster. The Chiefs won’t keep all five but could they keep four?

We know that Travis Kelce and Demetrius Harris, the No. 1 and 2, will make the 53-man roster. After that will it be James O’Shaughnessy, Brian Parker or Ross Travis? They could be competing for 1-2 spots.

Of those three, ESPN’s Adam Teicher has Travis and Parker making it. Nick Jacobs of Chiefs Digest has the Chiefs keeping Travis and O’Shaughnessy.

Interesting that both have Travis making it as he apparently had a good offseason. Keep in mind, however, that they are not in pads. There have been many a players that have looked much better in June than in September.

The Chiefs don’t like cutting their draft picks and Shag showed a little bit before breaking his foot last November so count me among those who have Shag likely making it.

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