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What anonymous scouts said about Chiefs QB Kevin Hogan before the draft

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We talked about what anonymous scouts said about Chris Jones and Demarcus Robinson before the NFL Draft. Now let's go back to Bob McGinn's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel pre-draft series and look at what anonymous scouts said about Chiefs fifth round pick QB Kevin Hogan.

Posted a 36-10 record, winning three Pacific-12 Conference titles and starting in three Rose Bowls. "He's more ready than Brissett is," one scout said.

Brissett was a third round pick by the Patriots. Interesting comparison there.

"He is accurate. He does pretty much everything well. He has a funny release. Doesn't Philip Rivers have a funny release?" His passer rating was 104.2 and his record was 16-6 against AP top 25 opponents. "That (delivery) doesn't bother me," said a second scout. "Sonny Jurgensen had a really weird release. Throws it like Philip Rivers. He's cerebral, smooth." From McLean, Va.

Philip Rivers was the comparison that Andy Reid used. Not comparing the two players but comparing their releases, which is not normal. Andy Reid indicated they wouldn't try to change it, which I agree with. He made it all the way to the NFL with this release, why change it now?

"He's your old-time pro QB," said a third scout. "Takes most of his snaps under center. He's good but not anything special." Wonderlic of 38.

I think of him with a high floor. Some - like Nick Jacobs - have said he was one of the best quarterbacks for the Chiefs this offseason, which is high praise. As a fifth round pick, I'm guessing he makes the team. Will it be on the 53-man roster or the practice squad? There is precedent to carry the third quarterback on the 53-man (Tyler Bray in 2013).

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