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That time a Chiefs fan threw chili cheese nachos on Sebastian Janikowski

Don Banks of has a really neat profile of Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski, who is one of the most unique players in the league and also has one of the best nicknames - Seabass - even for a Raider.

There is one story in the profile that we need to pass along. It’s the “chili cheese nacho” story that Banks relays through Raiders punter Shane Lechler.

“We’re warming up on the sideline, and in Kansas City the stands are like right on top of the visiting sideline, and there’s really no room to warm up,” Lechler says. “All of a sudden this big dude throws like a chili cheese nacho and hits Seabass pretty much right in the numbers. And we’re in our white road jerseys. It’s like right on his stomach. Now, he’s not a fat guy, but to have chili and cheese on you in a white uniform, when you’re built like that, it’s not a good look.

“So now he stopped warming up because he was pissed off at the guy, and I’m like, ‘Great, now he’s mad at this guy and distracted, we’re not going to make this kick.’ He’s got the trainers trying to get all that s--- off him and they’re spraying water on it. So now we go out there, and it’s not a deep kick [36 yards], and boom, he kicked it, gives me a quick high five, and then sprints right back to the warmup spot, right to that guy. I don’t know what he said over there but I can imagine what he said. I didn’t see him again until the locker room. That was a great moment right there. That was a fun one.”

He must have cleaned up pretty well because I don’t see the chili cheese nachos on this kick, which unfortunately won the game for the Raiders.

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

For real though, it’s a good read even if it is a Raider.

(For the record, yes, that Chiefs fan who threw the nachos is an idiot.)

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