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That time Chiefs’ Allen Bailey impressed Adrian Peterson with his strength

Our old pal BJ Kissel has a good read over at on Allen Bailey. You should go over and read that because there are some neat stats in there on how good the Chiefs defense was (and who doesn’t love reading about the Chiefs defense).

BJ included in his story and old quote from Adrian Peterson that I didn’t remember. It’s from after the Chiefs-Vikings game last season.

“I’ll tell you this, No. 97 (Bailey) grabbed me one time and swung me down,” Peterson said via “I was able to feel the force that he had. That guy is extremely strong, and I’m sure there aren’t too many guys that can keep him from getting to the quarterback or keep him out of the backfield on every play.”

That’s awesome. Bailey is, by the way, a complete freak of nature. I’m not sure he gets enough credit for the player that he is. We talk a lot about Dontari Poe, Jaye Howard’s resurgence and now top pick Chris Jones. But Bailey? He’s really good.

And he’s really big.

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

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