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Of course this guy vaping the world's hottest chili is a Broncos fan

If I told you that a completely insane weirdo VAPED the world's hottest chili, what team would you guess he roots for?

Why, it's the Denver Broncos! Check out his shirt in the video.

I don't recommend watching the entire video above. It's kinda disgusting but this guy - wearing a Broncos shirt - vapes the world's hottest chili. Deadspin reports:

The Carolina Reaper is widely regarded as the hottest pepper on Earth. It clocks in around 2.2 million Scoville units (for contrast, a jalapeño maxes out at a mere 20,000SHU.) As though three huge rips of spicy, spicy vape juice wasn't enough, Hawkins also snorts a line of the Reaper powder and rubs some of the residual juice in his left eye. The man clearly has no regard for his personal health and well being.

Ugh, the Broncos.

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