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What anonymous scouts said about Chiefs' Demarcus Robinson before the draft

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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bob McGinn runs an annual pre-draft series with comments on some of the top players from anonymous scouts. It usually gets a lot of attention because of the depth of the research from McGinn and these scouts but also because of the blunt honesty from the scouts. Previously we looked at what they said about Chris Jones.

Today let's look at what some of these scouts told McGinn about Chiefs fourth round pick WR Demarcus Robinson.

Third-year junior from Fort Valley, Ga., who has admitted to three failed drug tests and has undergone rehabilitation. "Father shot himself (suicide) when he was 2 years old," said one scout. "Not arrogant or surly or anything. But I wouldn't even mess with him."

The Chiefs scouts did a bunch of work on him and after the draft they spoked to the media and said that they were surprised he was still there in the fourth. Note that the failed drug tests were in his freshman year and he's done some work since then to get over that problem.

Managed to play 32 games (20 starts) in three years despite repeated suspensions and benchings. Finished with 106 catches for 1,355 (12.8) and nine TDs. "He's a gifted kid but you've got to get past all the off-the-field stuff," another scout said. "He has a whole slew of things but somebody will ignore it. Third round."

Repeated suspensions .... there were three for drugs as a freshman and a one-game last season for meeting with a marketing person too early. So you really have to make that call. Is that too much? Even though it is "repeated suspensions", that many of them happened freshman year makes me feel better.

Wonderlic of 15. Added a third scout: "I don't care. He is (expletive) talented. You should see him run after the catch."

There ya go, the reason he was drafted. That explosiveness after the catch. If he's a YAC guy, this is a perfect fit because he will have plenty of chances for YAC in this offense.

The other good thing here is that Robinson is not expected to be a star right away. When we talk about the Chiefs top receivers, we don't even mention him. It's Jeremy Maclin, Chris Conley, Albert Wilson and Rod Streater first. He's a young pup and has time to figure it out.

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