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Chiefs want to see Alex Smith 'lie with his eyes'

Alex Smith is Mr. Consistent in Kansas City with his numbers the past two seasons pretty darn similar. The Chiefs do still see room for improvement in Alex as he enters his fourth year in the same system.

Chiefs OC Brad Childress told reporters that among the things they're working on with Alex is lying with his eyes.

“We always identify things that he can get better on," Childress said via quotes from the Chiefs. "He can get better in some ways with his eyes. He does a great job with his feet in the pocket, but being able to lie with your eyes is a huge deal as a quarterback and so we talk a little bit about that.”

This can be related to the down field passing game too. You look to your left to get that safety moving and then - boom! - you go to Jeremy Maclin streaking down the right side of the field. The NFL's best quarterbacks - hi, Aaron Rodgers! - are outstanding at this and it's very difficult to defend if you have a secondary that's looking to cheat. Let's watch for this in the preseason.

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