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Marcus Peters has terrific hips, all-time great NFL evaluator says

The Godfather Gil Brandt built some of the best NFL teams of all time when he was with the Cowboys. Now Brandt is with and he wrote an article on building the perfect cornerback.

This is where Brandt talks about the hips of Marcus Peters, which are simply outstanding.

When you hear about a cornerback who can "flip his hips," we're talking about someone who can get in and out of breaks with fluid movement, has good body control and can turn and run with receivers without any loss of motion. Think of the fluid athletes you see all the time in basketball. Peters is not the fastest guy in the world, but receivers who have an edge in speed on him still have trouble creating space against the Chiefs defender, in large part because of his hip movement. It also makes it easier for the 2015 Defensive Rookie of the Year -- who tied for the league lead with eight interceptions last season -- to be in position to pick off the ball.

Watch this song from the Black Eyed Peas and replace “My humps” with “My hips”. This is stuck in my head and now it’s stuck in yours.

Enjoy “My Hips” right here:

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