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Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill: ‘A real honor to be on the same field as Maclin’

Jeremy Maclin is turning out to be quite the signing. We heard this offseason that Chris Conley and Albert Wilson spent some time working out with him. Then we heard Alex Smith say that Maclin’s influence this offseason is rubbing off on those two receivers.

Now we have another Chief giving Maclin some dap. Chiefs rookie Tyreek Hill was asked who he models his game after.

“Probably Tavon Austin and probably DeSean Jackson,” Hill said via quotes from the Chiefs. “I’m a really huge D-Jax fan ever since he’s been in the Coach Reid system.

DeSean Jackson excelled in Andy Reid’s system. Clearly, he was more of a vertical threat than what the Chiefs have displayed here.

And now the Maclin mention:

"Him and Jeremy Maclin,” Hill continued. “I grew up watching those guys actually. It’s a real honor to be on the same field as Maclin. And then I get to line up beside him every day. So it’s crazy, mind-blowing.”

That’s pretty cool. As we noted before, Maclin is a great person to model yourself after. He seems like a good guy, he stays in great shape, he’s produced in multiple offenses and he’s rich. Not bad, huh?

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