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Albert Wilson seeing more time in slot for Kansas City Chiefs?

If you're a receiver in Andy Reid's offense, you’re going to play more than one position. You’ll be inside and you’ll be outside, you’ll run outs and you’ll ins. The Chiefs receivers are all over the place, which is part of the fun of Reid’s offense.

That said, maybe we can expect a tweak heading into the 2016 season. Alex Smith was talking to the media this week and said something interesting about WR Albert Wilson — he’s seeing more time in the slot.

"With Albert, it’s nice, we’ve moved him around a little bit this offseason, putting him in different situations, moving him inside more,” Alex said via quotes from the Chiefs. “So that’s been a new role for him. That’s a big plate there when you move inside, that’s a lot on your shoulders – especially mentally – and he’s handled it. Been good there, too.”

Wilson is one of those smaller receivers at 5’9 but still 200 pounds so he fits the profile of what you think of when someone says slot receiver. However, Wilson ran most of his routes last year outside, not in the slot.

Statistically, Wilson has been BETTER in the slot than outside by about half a yard per route. Again, though, small sample size.

I would welcome this change if it sticks in the season. Wilson is a tough dude and has the thick body type to handle the physicality on the inside. Plus, this gets another receiver the Chiefs like onto the field.

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