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Jeremy Maclin rubbing off on the Kansas City Chiefs receivers

This offseason we heard of Jeremy Maclin, Albert Wilson and Chris Conley all working together. This was welcome news to Chiefs fans because after seeing Maclin for one season I can say that I would want all my receivers hanging around him all the time. He’s a great influence on the field and that influence has been rubbing off on Wilson and Conley.

“I think without question Mac’s influence has rubbed off on that entire (wide receiver) room on two fronts," Alex said via quotes from the Chiefs. “I think one, the attention to detail, how much he thinks about little things, asking questions in installation. And then the route running, all that, the work ethic, how he attacks guys and things like that.”

Speed and route-running is the first thing that comes to mind when you say Jeremy Maclin but you can't teach speed. The Chiefs don't have to worry about that with Chris Conley though as he’s physically gifted.

“Certainly with those guys, with Chris, you’ve really kind of seen it in him getting confidence in how good he is physically – how big and fast and strong he is. And using that as a tool in really playing big and physical. I certainly have seen steps this offseason to really see him get after guys and use that. “

Alex also talked about his own experience in how early on you’re doing more thinking than playing. That’s especially true with receivers in Andy Reid’s offense who have plenty to learn. That’s why I’m so excited to see the next step that Conley and Wilson are taking this offseason.

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