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Eric Berry won't face big fines for missing Chiefs mandatory minicamp

In years past, mandatory minicamp was intriguing because the Kansas City Chiefs were dealing with a player who wanted a new contract and may not show up. This year there likely won't be such drama.

The Chiefs are lining up for three more practices this week in the form of mandatory minicamp. The big question here is Eric Berry, who has not shown up to any of the Chiefs offseason workouts.

So, if Berry doesn't show up to mandatory minicamp, he could be fined tens of thousands of dollars, right?

Wrong, Berry has not signed his franchise tender which means he is not under contract which means he is not subject to mandatory minicamp fines. For Berry, that means avoiding more than $75,000 in fines for missing all three days.

Fine schedule for missing mandatory minicamp:

Day one: $12,765

Day two: $25,525

Day three: $38,290

The cost of missing training camp is even more severe: $40,000 per day. Berry doesn't have to worry about that because, as we noted, he is technically not under contract and therefore can't be fined. (Even if he could be fined, he would be able to afford it with the mega deal he's possibly signing soon)

The next real deadline for Berry - the only deadline, really - is July 15. The two sides have said to be talking so based on John Dorsey's history - like signing Justin Houston at the deadline last year - we're thinking that July 15 deadline will have some significance.

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