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Positive reviews on Chiefs rookie Parker Ehinger

The Kansas City Chiefs have a competition going on at guard. So far it’s been Zach Fulton and rookie Parker Ehinger who have lined up at left guard in spring workouts. The player who lines up next to them, center Mitch Morse, has been impressed with the rookie.

“He’s a good football player,” Mitch Morse said of Parker Ehinger (via quotes from the Chiefs)." I think it’s really exciting to see. Dorsey really knows what he is doing. He’s a great guy – fits right into the offensive line. He’s going to make some mistakes that’s just part of the nature of the beast, but we’re here to pick him up. He’s really good at moving on to the next play. It shows maturity and that he’s played a lot of football and that’s really important and exciting to see.”

I mean, what else is he supposed to say, right? What folks say doesn’t always matter but their actions do matter and right now the Chiefs actions are saying that Ehinger has a shot to be their left guard. That matters, even in spring workouts.

The offensive line competition will continue on this summer into training camp. If we’re being honest, Chiefs linemen can’t fully evaluate how they're doing because ... well, they're in shorts and not hitting each other.

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