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The Kansas City Chiefs won't keep four quarterbacks ... will they?

The Kansas City Chiefs have four quarterbacks and there is obvious odd man out. Tyler Bray? Dude has a rocket arm, which is worth keeping around. Aaron Murray? Two years invested into him with nothing that says he can’t do it. Kevin Hogan? Surely he won’t be cut.

This brings me to a few thoughts:

Could the Chiefs keep four quarterbacks?

The answer is yes, they could. Will they? Andy Reid historically hasn’t. However, I do wonder if the Chiefs could slip Kevin Hogan to the practice squad - big question mark there - then they could keep Alex Smith, Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray.

Is it Aaron Murray vs. Tyler Bray?

Those two have swapped No. 2 reps this offseason. Are they competing for one roster spot? I ask that under the assumption that Hogan is going to make the roster, whether that's the active roster of the practice squad. If that’s the case and the Chiefs are keeping just three quarterbacks as Andy Reid usually has, then it’s Murray vs. Bray for one spot.

Kevin Hogan is definitely making the roster, right?

Under John Dorsey and Andy Reid the Chiefs once cut a sixth round pick - fullback Braden Wilson - before the season. So Kevin Hogan, a fifth round pick, not making it would be a surprise, especially since the Chiefs indicated he was a quick study with his experience at Stanford.

Meanwhile, there's also this...

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