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NFL bully Eric Fisher asked about his block on JJ Watt

Kansas City Chiefs LT Eric Fisher was asked recently about this block he put on JJ Watt in the playoffs:

We like to have some fun with that picture because the Chiefs beat the hell out of the Texans in that game and JJ Watt, who seems to work hard to get in the news, was a non-factor. How much has Fisher heard about his block on Watt?

“I try to stay away from it all," Fisher said via quotes from the Chiefs. "I’m just looking forward to the future. Obviously, plays like that do some good things for you. I guess I really don’t have much to say about it. It is what it is.”

I wasn't in attendance for the game but apparently the Texans were showing Fisher on the jumbotron and there were a lot of views.

Eric Fisher, NFL bully. This is the year 2016.

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