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Chiefs DL Chris Jones plans more KC barbecue, less McDonald's

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Kansas City Chiefs top pick Chris Jones could be a politician. At least in Kansas City. He was asked on Saturday, his first press availability since being drafted, what this week has been like. Chris Jones the politician brought up - what else? - barbecue.

"It's pretty exciting, man. Especially getting drafted to Kansas City -€” I heard it's the best barbecue around. It's pretty exciting."

Jones has NOT been to any barbecue places yet ... at least as of Saturday.

Everyone is going to have their input on what's best. I'm so barbecue that I ordered pulled pork at the Jacobson this weekend for Mother's Day. Get on my level, Chris Jones. A beef on bun at Gates, the Z-man at Oklahoma Joe's (sorry, Joe's KC), anything at Q39 and a bunch of other places around the city that are very, very good.

So what's his favorite type of barbecue? Ribs? Brisket? Burnt ends, a KC speciality?

"You know on the test back in high school -€” a, b, c or d?" Jones said. "I like all of the above. All of the above."

Jones said that late night McDonald's is one of his go-tos. He was a college student so that makes sense. Jones will be graduating to better food in Kansas City.