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The Chiefs have one of the best young OTs in the game .... they just didn't draft him No. 1 overall

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For a team that's been looking for a right tackle since John Tait, it's pretty neat to see the Kansas City Chiefs new RT Mitch Schwartz rank so highly on a list of the best young offensive tackles in the game. Pro Football Focus ranked the tackles in the NFL under 26 years old with the Cowboys' Tyron Smith coming in first, the Saints' Terron Armstead in second, the Bills' Cordy Glenn in third and Schwartz in fourth.

"His most impressive feat was almost eliminating Von Miller from the game when Cleveland faced Denver in Week 6. In 84 snaps, Schwartz allowed just one solitary pressure against a guy who averaged 5.5 per game over the season. Right tackles are seen as the less important position, but in today's NFL there is a lot of heat coming from that side of the line, and Schwartz is the best guy manning that side."

We've talked about the huge benefit it is to have Schwartz on the right side because he'll go up against Von Miller and sometimes Khalil Mack. That's huge! The Chiefs also benefited from the weird right tackle market where the guy blocking Miller and Mack is paid half of what the top left tackles are paid. Whatever, the Chiefs will take it.

Also of interest here is how Andy Reid feels about tackles. There was a neat story a while back where it was revealed that two tackles were one of the building blocks that Reid felt he had to have on his team.

Fifth on this list? Lane Johnson, picked three spots after Eric Fisher. At least the Chiefs ultimately ended up with a better player ... just not the one they drafted.