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Chiefs rookie minicamp invite is called toughest player in college football, and here's why

The Kansas City Chiefs have invited a Kent State player to their rookie minicamp this weekend. That player, Nate Terhune, was once called the toughest player in college football. Why? Because HE CAME BACK FROM A BROKEN LEG IN A MONTH.

But wait! There's more!

Read this, all of it:

Terhune broke his left leg near the ankle in a Sept. 14 loss at LSU. Exactly four weeks later, following a quick rehab after surgery to implant a metal plate and some pins, he played at Ball State (Oct. 12). He didn't partake of painkillers during his rehab: "If I took them, they told me I wouldn't be able to lift weights." On Nov. 19, he hurdled over a defender to score on a 61-yard run (more of a rumble, actually) on a fake punt in what turned into a rout of Ohio.

That's not all! This player we're talking about is a NOSE TACKLE! And this came NINE WEEKS AFTER A BROKEN LEG.

My goodness. I just had to go all caps there.

He's listed at 6'4 and 287 pounds. Not only that, he has a history of fake punts. Kent State says he had three fake punt runs in his career that went for 31, 44 and 61 yards. The 61-yarder is a thing of beauty - the hurdle! - and can be seen here:

But wait! There's still more! He was on the SB Nation Piesman Trophy list, given to the nation's most exciting BIG college football player.

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