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This is the Chiefs first team offensive line right now but it will be changing

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The Kansas City Chiefs have posted some pictures of OTAs and in those pictures that include the offensive line I see them lining up like this: LT Eric Fisher, LG Zach Fulton, C Mitch Morse, RG Laurent Duvernay-Tardif and RT Mitch Schwartz (indeed, beat writers have said the same).

If you told me that was the most likely Chiefs offensive line, I would believe you. However, Andy Reid says the Chiefs will be mixing it up as they go along.

"Next week we'll move people," Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs, "we'll start doing that. For these three days, we felt pretty good about what we had right there and we wanted to get it kind of settled. Guys will move around next week a little, you'll see them move around."

They mixed things up a LOT last year. Reid said not to expect quite that much moving. The Chiefs are back at it next week with another three days of OTAs. So what combinations could they come up with? We believe LT Eric Fisher, C Mitch Morse and RT Mitch Schwartz are locked in so this is about the guards...

Parker Ehinger: The Chiefs don't have any problems starting a rookie at guard as we saw in Zach Fulton a couple years ago. The competition is heavier these days though. Ehinger would have to beat out a player with a lot more experience than him in either Fulton or LDT. Tough task.

Jah Reid: Our own MNChiefsfan is banging the table for this. He saw brief guard time late last season due to injury but he did well. The Chiefs have mentioned him as a possibility at guard.

Jordan Devey: He spent time with the Patriots and 49ers before the Chiefs signed him this offseason. He wasn't great before so I'm not sure what's fair to expect here. He has 13 starts over two years.

Jarrod Pughsley: He's been on and off the roster the past few years so it would seem that he's unlikely to crack a starting job but he could still make the roster.

Andy Reid said that he liked the starting group he had out there this week and that they may be less change on the line than in years past.  "It's important that we still get guys in there," Reid said, "so that if something were to happen they can (fill in)."