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Early report on Chiefs' Chris Jones: long, lively and energetic

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The way-too-early report on the Kansas City Chiefs top draft pick, Chris Jones, has been good. His fellow defensive lineman Dontari Poe said that the "young guys" still have some stuff to learn but on Jones specifically he said, "so far, so good."

Jones and Poe both play on the line but they're different players. Poe pointed out his long arms.

"He's a long kid," Poe said of Jones and his 34 1/2" arms. "And with him being long, he can use his arms, so that's just an advantage for him. He's pretty quick. He's picking up on stuff really well, too. Like I said, it's a little different when the bullets get flying, but he's not panicking, he's not getting nervous, he's just doing what he has to do."

Anyone who watched the draft and saw Jones' smile after getting drafted and the way he bear-hugged Roger Goodell won't find it surprising that the other words to describe him are lively and energetic.

"Yeah, that's just who he is," Poe said of the enthusiasm. "You can't change who he is. He's a lively guy, that's just the type of person he is. But at the same time, we teach him what we can. Even on the field, he's lively, he's just an energetic person."

Attitude is so much in the NFL. Come in loving football and wanting to get better and put you in a position group with Poe, Allen Bailey and Jaye Howard ... that's a good combination.