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Chiefs' Marcus Cooper seeing some time at safety

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There was talk of moving Jamell Fleming from cornerback to safety but apparently that wasn't the only talk of switching positions. The KC Star's Terez Paylor asked Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid about Marcus Cooper seeing some time at safety in the Chiefs first set of OTAs on Tuesday.

“Yeah, we did that a little bit last year with him," Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs, "we kind of moved him around. He’s so smart and he’s got good size, he loves to play, so we moved him around last year a little bit doing that later in the season.”

Cooper has not been cut despite what his Wikipedia page says. I'm not sure if Reid is talking about safety moving forward or if they did that last year. It's still super early and this probably isn't some big position switch where he's completely done at corner (at least I don't think). It's just day one and the Chiefs are mixing and matching.

Cooper has had a very interesting ride in Kansas City, very much up and down. He looked to be a phenom early on in his first season in 2013 as the Chiefs started off 9-0. But then he was lit up by Peyton Manning late that season -- back when Peyton was good, if you remember that time - and Cooper never really seemed to be the same since then. The Chiefs needed a corner bad enough that they drafted two last year and three this year so it's not as if Cooper wasn't given his shots to be that guy.

Here's to hoping he finds a home someplace in the Chiefs secondary. He's certainly on the roster bubble as most players in his position are. His size (6'2, 192 pounds) makes him an intriguing player that the Chiefs obviously want to have work out.